It has to start somewhere

21 November 2007

Hello. The last thing the world needs right now is another blog, but alas I feel the need to make my own contribution. I intend for this blog to not only serve as a record of my knitting projects, but also to share random other interests, life events and musings of my life.

So, first I’ll share some basics about myself. I am a 26 year old American expatriate. I am currently studying and living in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I’ve lived here for nearly 4 years. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but for the most part I don’t regret the experience. I will be moving back to my hometown before the end of the year, and I cant wait. It’s been real and it’s been fun but it hasn’t been real fun.

I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half. I had been interested in knitting when I was younger, as I was really into all crafts, but I never bothered to learn. My aunt did teach me to crochet when I was 8 or 12 or sometime around there, but it didn’t stick. I picked up crochet again when I did my undergrad. A granny square afghan that I never finished. I finally decided to teach myself to knit as a way to relieve stress and as entertainment. I was also cold. I wanted to make myself a scarf for the autumn in April 2006 (Southern Hemisphere= reversed seasons) but was finding it hard to find one in my price range. Instead, I went to the bookstore and after some browsing bought a copy of Stitch n’ Bitch Nation. The next day I went to a craft store in the city cast on for a garter stitch scarf and suddenly I was a knitter. School unfortunately put a damper on my knitting time so I don’t have a huge number of finished projects, but boy have I read a stupid amount on the topic! The amount of books and magazines I have read about knitting, on top of all the blogs I read is a bit embarrassing. I think I’m a bit obsessed.


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