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And I still knit

9 December 2008

I have actually done a fair bit of knitting over the past year. What I have not done is take a lot of photos as proof of such knitting. Bummer. Around August I finished the Camellia Sweater by Kate Gilbert. I’ve even worn it! But photos? Not a chance. Early¬† this year I knit my first sock and never bothered to knit its match since it looks horrible and is way too big.I knit¬† an official pair of socks that actually looks good and fits. I even have a single sock that is waiting for its mate. I knit my boyfriend his second pair of Dashing arm warmers last week.I’ve knit a couple of scarves and am working on one now as a Christmas gift. I don’t have a whole lot planned tomorrow so maybe that will be a good time to update my Ravelry page and take some pictures before I forget everything that I have done this year!