100 Things

  1. I always read the About page on the blogs I read
  2. I like to know a little about the person who writes it
  3. And yet, I’m finding it difficult to write about myself
  4. I had a blog once before
  5. I wrote a total of 5 posts in one month before I abandoned it altogether
  6. It stuck around on the interweb for about 18 months before I finally deleted it
  7. I procrastinate
  8. This habit has caused me many, many problems
  9. And yet, somehow I am incapable of breaking myself from it
  10. I also used to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock repeatedly
  11. But I broke myself from that habit eventually
  12. It was a dream of mine to live in Australia
  13. Not just to visit, but to live
  14. That dream has been fulfilled, but it wasn’t as good as the dream I made it out to be
  15. I love to exercise
  16. But I still find it difficult to motivate myself to do it
  17. I always feel good after I go to the gym
  18. Must be the endorphins
  19. I dislike cardiovascular exercise, especially running
  20. But I still want to participate in a 5k race, working my way up to a half-marathon
  21. This is illogical
  22. I love weight lifting and resistance exercise
  23. It is a pet peve of mine when women don’t lift weights because they think they will “bulk up”
  24. I could go on and on about misconceptions people have about exercise
  25. But I wont, because it would take up the remainder of the 100 things
  26. And this is not meant to be an exercise blog
  27. I started cycling and trail rides with my boyfriend in the Summer of 2007
  28. This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
  29. I participated in  the Late Ride in the city of Chicago
  30. It was really cool
  31. I randomly saw a friend from college there that I hadn’t spoke to in almost 6 years at the starting line
  32. Neither of us are from Chicago
  33. I had the song “It’s a small world” in my head for the whole ride
  34. I am easily entertained
  35. But I also get bored easily
  36. I love to read
  37. I am sad that I have little time for it
  38. I love science
  39. Especially biology and organic chemistry
  40. I like physics too
  41. But I’m really bad at it
  42. I am in grad school and will be using some of my science knowledge in my future career
  43. My future career is one that makes people think they can ask you your professional advice even when you are not working
  44. This is highly annoying
  45. I try not to let people know what I am going to school for
  46. This if difficult, since this is usually the first thing people ask
  47. I avoid telling people what I do because of number 43
  48. I have a cat
  49. His name is Titanium
  50. I call him Titan most of the time
  51. He answers to his name and is trained to sit
  52. I wouldn’t generally consider  myself a “cat person”
  53. But Titan is one of the most dog-like cats I know
  54. I met my boyfriend on an online dating site
  55. He’s not crazy
  56. Well, maybe a little
  57. I dislike the word “hate”
  58. But there are a few things that I do hate, such as racism
  59. I find that ironic
  60. I wear size 11 shoes
  61. Probably more like 10.5
  62. But there are few manufactures that make size 10.5
  63. I haven’t knit socks yet
  64. But I do have sock yarn and needles waiting for me
  65. I love music
  66. I used to say that I listen to everything but country and rap
  67. This isn’t true, since I do like a few songs in each of those genres.
  68. SOME of my favorite artist/bands are: Ben Folds, The Dresden Dolls, Rammstein, Tool, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, Cake, Depeche Mode
  69. I don’t have a favorite song, I could never choose.
  70. I could probably narrow it down to a top 50 if forced
  71. I used to be active in community theatre when I was in high school
  72. I spelled theatre the British way intentionally
  73. I miss that part of my life a lot
  74. I wasn’t and actor
  75. I was stage manager, technical director and a crew/set member
  76. Backstage is where it’s at
  77. I considered going to school to become a stage manager
  78. Sometimes I think that would have been a better decision for me
  79. I love to cook, primarily because I love to eat
  80. I am not shy about foods, that is, I eat pretty much everything
  81. There are very few foods that I don’t like
  82. I draw the line at insects, offal, feet, tongues, reproductive organs, etc.
  83. It upsets me when people are unwilling to try something new
  84. I am particularly into Thai, Indian, Mexican and Japanese food
  85. I rarely cook a recipe 100% to specifications
  86. I also rarely knit a pattern exactly as it is written
  87. I consider myself a Jack of all trades and Master of none
  88. I wish I could be a master of something
  89. I used to sing in a few different groups
  90. Over the years, I’ve lost all the semi-talent I had, but I still sing anyway
  91. I am quite shy
  92. I can spend weeks alone at home with no outside contact with the world and be perfectly happy
  93. Thus, I rarely make any plans with my friends, If they want to do something with me, they call
  94. This blog will be an exercise in sharing, among other things
  95. I also tend towards the depressive
  96. I’m working on that
  97. I’m a Taurus
  98. I love to travel
  99. I prefer even numbers
  100. My favorite color is a certain hard to describe shade of blue

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